J&H, Inc. recognizes that in today’s business climate if companies are to remain competitive, they must have internal processes and tools to enable them to streamline the management of the workforce.

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Proactively manage  ACA compliance across  your entire  workforce.

With the employer shared responsibility provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) now in effect, the time is NOW to prepare for compliance. In order to develop and execute a best-fit strategy for ACA compliance and cost control, you will need to track, integrate, and analyze data across time and attendance, payroll, and HR.

When it comes to ACA administration - spreadsheets, home-grown reports, and manual calculations just won't cut it as they do little to simplify a highly complex process with potentially significant financial consequences. In addition, regulations and requirements are changing frequently - sometimes weekly.  

What is needed is a set of integrated workforce management tools that provide complete automation and high-quality information for driving cost-effective labor decisions and minimizing ACA compliance risk. The good news is that Kronos already has these tools ready for you with the Kronos Workforce Ready® ACA Manager™.


Get comprehensive ACA status visibility

  • GET ACCURATE VISIBILITY into average hours worked by full-time and part-time employees, including for the look-back and stability periods
  • AUTOMATE BENEFITS eligibility notification and employee enrollment
  • SIMPLIFY PROCESSES around ACA compliance

With Workforce Ready ACA Manager, you can access both real-time and historical detail on ACA status measurements for your company as a whole as well as for individual employees. Management dashboards provide consolidated views of regular- and variable-hour labor pools and the ability to drill down into views for each employee. View any employee’s current status or historical status by month with the ACA timeline view.

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Product Info 

icon_PDF.jpg ACA Manager Brochure

icon_PDF.jpg Workforce Ready ACA Manager Feature List