J&H, Inc. recognizes that in today’s business climate if companies are to remain competitive, they must have internal processes and tools to enable them to streamline the management of the workforce.

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The Insight You Need to Succeed


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What’s the root cause of your absenteeism? Why does your workforce productivity differ from one department to the next? What are the cost trends associated with overtime?

Anyone can give you data. What you need is information that leads to insight about what's working, what isn’t, and what you can do about it.

Information that leads to answers.

Our information-rich dashboards provide you with intuitive reports and decision tools so you can gain insight into key performance indicators across your organization.

  • Pre-defined and configurable reports that are easy to understand, share, and use

  • Trending and diagnostic views of key labor metrics

  • Drill-down capabilities for isolating problem areas and improving them in a continuous quality improvement loop


Product Info 

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