J&H, Inc. recognizes that in today’s business climate if companies are to remain competitive, they must have internal processes and tools to enable them to streamline the management of the workforce.

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Kronos Workforce Activities Labor Tracking

Workforce Activities Lets You Look Beyond Labor

By providing extra levels of insight into labor events, Kronos

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Workforce Activities™ job costing software works together with the Kronos manufacturing workforce management solution to provide penetrating visibility into how your operations perform against productivity goals and benchmarks.

Workforce Activities from Kronos gives you the latest and most detailed activity tracking data. With the right information at your fingertips, you gain the power to make truly effective, knowledge-based decisions. And take action before your bottom line is at risk.

The unique Workforce Activities offering from Kronos can combine with our Workforce Analytics for Manufacturing solution to provide:

  • Innovative features that help you gain unparalleled real-time visibility into your manufacturing operations
  • Reliable, proven, easy-to-use technology that integrates with your ERP system and works seamlessly with the rest of your IT infrastructure
  • Comprehensive services that make the most of your IT and budget resources and accommodate your deployment and payment preferences.

What's more, Kronos offers flexible consulting services to help maximize returns on your investment.


Real-time Visibility into Labor and Resources

Kronos® Workforce Activities™ features shop floor-tracking capabilities that permit you to collect and analyze labor, resource, and order data according to a wide range of criteria: employee, task, department, customer, project, even part number. The resulting insight, combined with detailed activity-tracking data, helps you gain precise control over operation costs and productivity.

Kronos Workforce Activities features capabilities that help you:

Allocate labor resources more effectively; measure labor costs and quality: Track labor with Overall Labor Effectiveness (OLE).

Measure workforce efficiency against real-time productivity standards: Track resources with overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) metrics.

Create teams and track their activities in production: Team and cell tracking works the way your operations run.

Prevent unnecessary work by viewing real-time data on an activity's status: Web portals facilitate real-time visibility.

Other important Workforce Activities features:

  • Time spent on activities can be reconciled against payroll costs to better understand product costing

  • Step-by-step reporting facilitates tracking of labor activities and production

  • Ability to respond to increasing customer demand without sacrificing productivity

  • Quality control can be improved by factoring scrap and rework into analysis

With our latest release, you can track all the elements of your shop floor in one application, and new data analysis tools and dashboards give you complete, real-time visibility. These Workforce Activities features combine to help managers and executives of manufacturing operations to make decisions that boost productivity, improve resource utilization, and maximize profits. View technical information for more details.

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Product Info

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