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Kronos Workforce Payroll™

Payroll Software With A Big Payback 

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Your payroll. It's simple, really. Get it right and get the checks out on time.

Workforce Payroll™ lets you integrate your employee payroll processing with HR and timekeeping, allowing you to:

  • Control labor costs by bringing payroll in-house and saying goodbye to never-ending service bureau fees
  • Minimize compliance risks by consistently applying policies — whether the policies are internal, federal, state, or industry-specific
  • Improve workforce productivity and increase efficiency with an automated system that gives you data control, pre-audits, and employee self-service

So why go with Kronos? Because with more than three decades of experience, our completely automated solution is easy to own. Read about ...

  • Powerful features that provide more accurate labor data and save time and effort
  • Reliable technology that provides the flexibility you need; a swift, seamless integration with your existing systems to make sure your operation won't miss a beat
  • Comprehensive services that sync up with your IT resources, budget, and payment preferences, plus consulting offerings to help leverage your investment

Enhance the value of Workforce Payroll with Workforce HR™.  

Workforce Payroll can use the time and attendance data captured through Workforce Timekeeper™. Learn how you can leverage this data in other ways to help your business with related products like our hiring solutions, Workforce Analytics™, Workforce Absence Manager™  and Workforce Tax Filing™.

More information available more in the Kronos Resource Library.