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DocuWare Task Manager

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At work we all have responsibilities with varying degrees of importance. While focusing on the larger ones, we tend to let the smaller ones pile up. But when work piles up, even the less important jobs will slow down workflow and create annoying bottlenecks.
Keeping colleagues that travel on top of everything is also a constant challenge. How do you keep them in the company’s daily business workflow processes?
To ensure that these work slow-downs don’t happen in your company or department, take a closer look at the Task Manager which is available with DocuWare 5.1c or higher. 


DocuWare Task Manager (Click here to view www.docuware.com)


Along with invoices and delivery notes, all sorts of documents can be incorporated into the Task List. The only condition is that the documents must be stored in the file cabinet. This also applies to the E-Mail Notification which only references documents in the file cabinet. How to use the Task List and


E-Mail Notification in your daily work:


Fast access: for those who like to keep things simple, the link to the Task List can be saved in the browser or to the desktop. All you need to do is click on it to open the Task List in Web Client.


Tasks by e-mail: Task List and E-Mail Notification can be combined: DocuWare sends an e-mail with a link to the list as soon as a new task arrives.


Scheduling: you can easily create as many E-Mail Notifications as you want in DocuWare. If you don’t want to be bombarded with new tasks every minute, set the E-Mail Notifications to be submitted once a day or during a certain period. Links to all pending documents will then be grouped into those periodic e-mail.


Always up to speed: you can also be notified when a task has not been completed. This means, for example, that the cost center manager can find out when an invoice has not been processed. Also, a department manager can immediately find out the status of a project and intervene before an issue arises.


E-Mail Notification as subscription: specify which employees should be automatically notified if, for example, the construction drawing for the new machine changes. Employees can also subscribe to receive issued e-mail notifications.


Complete tasks while on the road: thanks to Web Client you can access the Task List even if you haven’t got DocuWare installed on your travel notebook. Load Web Client via the browser, enter the URL and click on the Task List.