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Notification Management

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StapleWare® Notification Management allows documents that are stored in DocuWare file cabinets to be monitored based on field values in the file cabinet.  The field values can be changed with the DocuWare Info Box, Content Folder, Stamps or the DocuWare AutoIndex module.  An email will be sent to a designated user or group of users based on predetermined field values.  Notification Management is useful in document management applications that require users to edit or update active documents.

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Notification Management Feature List

  1. Email notifications are sent to any email account based on preset criteria.
  2. The actual email is customizable and includes fields from the file cabinet.
  3. Notifications may be sent based on dates in the future (expiring contracts) with DW AutoIndex.
  4. Notifications may be sent based on dates in the past (purchase orders) with DW AutoIndex.
  5. Emails may be sent to a user based on an internal Email ID.
  6. Email may be sent to a user based on an email address in a field.
  7. Email may be sent to a group of users.
  8. Email messages may be scheduled.


Notification Management can be used to send an email message based on dates in the future, like expiring contracts. In this case DocuWare AutoIndex will update a field based on a date in the future.  Or Notification Management may be used to send an email message based on dates in the past.  In this application, new orders that are received into the DocuWare file cabinet can be monitored and if an order has been in the system too long, an email may be sent to a supervisor or manager. 

The Notification Management Dialog box allows the administrator to determine which field values will be used to determine when the email will be sent.  The administration dialog box also allows each notification template to be scheduled. After each email has been sent a status field will be updated.

Please use the links below to download the Installer and Quick Start Guide.

This module works with DocuWare Cloud is now available for DocuWare 6.11!  

Download Notification Management

Notification Management Quick Start Guide


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