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StapleWare Modules Overview


The Stapler automatically staples documents together inside of a DocuWare file cabinet that have the same index values.  If the unique document field (grouping field) is “Invoice Number” then all invoices with the same number will be stapled together.  The Stapler configuration tool allows the selection of the file cabinet, the grouping field, the update field, and the filter field.  Each configuration is saved in a template file and may be scheduled.  After the template has been run by the scheduler, the "Update Field" is changed and the documents may now be viewed in the file cabinet as multi-page documents.

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Stapler Feature List:

  • Documents may be stapled together based on index values in the file cabinet.
  • A secondary grouping field option to staple documents with matching field values.
  • Stapling configurations are saved and may be ran on a schedule.
  • A "Status" field can be updated to reflect that documents have been stapled.
  • A filter option allows the stapler to eliminate certain documents from staple job.
  • Stapled documents may be sorted based on field values in the file cabinet.



Example for Customer Service: A distribution company will print delivery tickets with a barcode on every page of every document. The products are picked, loaded onto trucks and delivered to customer’s offices. The delivery tickets are signed by customers. The delivery documents, with signatures are returned to the home office and scanned as individual documents. The barcode on every page is read and every page is stored into the INVOICE file cabinet by the Invoice Number. Since every page of every document is scanned as an individual page they can be stapled together if 2 or more pages contain the same Invoice Number. In this way they can be scanned individually into the file cabinet, in any order, and the system will collate them and connect them for presentation as a single, multi-page document to the customer service representatives.

Please use the links below to download the Installer and Quick Start Guide.

This module works with DocuWare Cloud is now available for DocuWare 6.11!  

Download Stapler

Download Stapler Quick Start Guide


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