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Deficiency Manager

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The Deficiency Manager allows users to view the contents of DocuWare file cabinets as a group of folders and the contents of each folder.  The program will show what documents are missing from the set list of documents that need to be processed.  The folders in the left side of the window are groups of similar documents.  When the user clicks on the folder, the contents of the folder are displayed in the right side of the window.  In addition to the contents of the folder, documents that are required but are not currently available may be displayed at the top of each result list.  As new documents are added, the metadata for the actual documents will replace the matching line in the "Missing Documents" group.  Typical applications for the Deficiency Manager include Loan Applications, Human Resources, and Student Admissions/Transcripts.

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How does the Deficiency Manager work?


For every template the following selections are available:

File Cabinet: By clicking the arrow next to the Selected Cabinet a list of Registered File Cabinets will be shown. Select the file cabinet where the documents are stored.

Search Dialog: DocuWare allows the user or group to access multiple search and store dialog boxes.

The Select List Field is field in the file cabinet that returns the list of unique values for the documents that must be reviewed. For example, if all of the documents for every specific account number must be reviewed then the Account Number field is used as the Select List Field.

Result List Fields: The user may select the fields that will appear in the result list area of the Deficiency Manager. The fields may be added or removed as needed.

Update Field Values: The Update Field Values selection will allow the user to select any field or fields in the file cabinet when the “Update” button is pressed. This will perform the same functionality as the Change Field button in the DocuWare Result list,

Viewer Options: The user may select either the DocuWare Client Viewer (DACS Viewer) or the new DocuWare Web Client Viewer. The viewer will display the document if it is selected in the Deficiency Manager Result List.

Missing Documents: The user may create a select list of all documents that are required for every file folder. These document place-holders will be displayed at the top of the result list and have a colored background.

Please use the links below to download the Installer and Quick Start Guide.

This module works with DocuWare Cloud is now available for DocuWare 6.11!  

Download Deficiency Manager

Download Deficiency Manager Quick Start Guide


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