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Web Client Integration

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This software module enhances the functionality of the DocuWare Integrated Document Management system.  The Web Client Integration Tool is designed to integrate any third-party software application that allows copy to clipboard functionality.  This function will enable a search of the DocuWare file cabinets that are available through the DocuWare Web Client.  Simply highlight text in the program and press an assigned function key to access documents that have been stored in a DocuWare file cabinet.  The function keys are assigned functions within the Web Client Integration Configuration Tool.  The configuration tool assigns a field within a file cabinet to a function key on the keyboard.  When the function key is pressed, the highlighted text is used as search criteria.  A DocuWare result list is displayed in a web browser, which includes all of the documents in the file cabinet that match the search criteria.  This tool allows any software program to be “image-enabled," allowing users to have access to the documents in DocuWare directly from a software program they use daily, with no mapping required.

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The Function keys are assigned specific functions within the Web Client Integration Tool configuration. These keys are used to extract information that is stored in a specific DocuWare file cabinet. Within the third party application there are two methods of creating the search criteria. These are called “Capture Elements”. Capture Elements include the ability to:


  1. Highlight text in the application and press the function key to search in DocuWare
  2. Press the function key to get a cross-hair to OCR the text to search in DocuWare

The function keys may be combined with the Control, Alt and Shift keys, which will allow the user to configure 44 different hot key functions.  Each function will access documents in a specific field of a specific file cabinet.

Please use the links below to download the Installer and Quick Start Guide.

This module works with DocuWare Cloud is now available for DocuWare 6.11!  

Download Web Client Integration

Download Web Client Integration Quick Start Guide


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