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DocuWare Web Client

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Download the DocuWare Informational PDF.

Download DocuWare PDF

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Download DocuWare SaaS PDF

The Web Client is intuitive, easy to use and provides rapid access to DocuWare file cabinets. Naturally you can also search and display documents and add annotations and stamps. The workflow functions allow you to integrate employees in business processes regardless of location via the Internet and Intranet, for example in invoice approval.

DocuWare Web Client (click to go to DocuWare.com)

The Web Client ensures optimum provision of information for all authorized users. Employees, business partners and customers can only access those files to which the administrator provides rights centrally. There is no need for maintenance and installation on the local PC.

Document Search

Accessing documents via DocuWare Web Client satisfies the highest security requirements because all the security mechanisms of the DocuWare system still apply.  Users can immediately use the store and search dialogs assigned to them. To find a document you simply enter search words in input fields. You are assisted by means of select lists, standard search parameters, and a fulltext search. All hits are displayed immediately in a freely configurable result list. 

Display and Edit Documents

You can view each document found directly in your browser, regardless of whether it was archived as a scanned file, an e-mail, a CAD, PDF or Office file. DocuWare supports all common file formats, without the need to install a plug-in for the browser. Documents can also be printed directly from the browser. You can easily assign text annotations to displayed documents, or set electronic DocuWare stamps. Documents can also be downloaded and edited on a local PC.

Document Storage

To store files you can assign any type of index criteria and edit these criteria afterwards.

Personal Layout

Users can design their own layout for the Web Client by “pinning“ selected file cabinet dialogs such as a store dialog, search dialog or result list. The dialogs are then automatically displayed in the same position whenever they log on.