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DocuWare for Auto Dealers

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Many dealerships are paper-driven, which creates a number of challenges in several areas within auto dealerships. Even if you have invested in a scanning solution with your  accounting software, all of the following areas can benefit from a modern document management solution from DocuWare.




The Problem

Silos of Information – Paper, Email, PC Files, ERP Data

Paper-Based Repair Order Process - This is a long, manual process which involves approvals, RO hand-offs and lots of scanning, all of  which can delay cash flow by days.

Government Regulations for Retaining Dead Deal Information - The dealership is required to keep there is a sizable fine per document if it is found unprotected by an auditor.

Paper-Based Finance & Insurance Process - F&I handles all the forms and contracts a customer signs when buying a vehicle. Current challenges faced are a cumbersome, manual process, missing documents and storage requirements which slows down the booking process.

Paper-Based Deal Jackets - A car deal is comprised of anywhere from 32-40 or more documents depending on customer deal structure. Documents include: Driver’s Licenses, Insurance, Credit App, F&I and several others.

Manual-Intensive, Paper-Based Accounting Process – There are several challenges in the accounting department of auto dealerships including accounts payable, invoicing, scanning and storage requirements. The manual nature of the process results in, among other things, the loss of early pay discounts.


The Solution

DocuWare has developed a solution which addresses the challenges auto dealerships face with their current systems. The areas addressed by DocuWare are:

  • Sales
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Service
  • Parts
  • Online Sales
  • Used Vehicle Sales
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources

While each of these departments can benefit from the DocuWare solution, the departments where we can have the greatest impact immediately are Sales, Service and Accounting. Let’s take a closer look at how DocuWare addresses the challenges in all of a dealership’s departments:

Sales – The sales department in a dealership stands to benefit in a variety of ways from going paperless. They are:

  • Convert sales order process to paperless, making it a more pleasant experience for the customer and the salesperson while automatically placing the documents into a single document pool.
  • Convert existing Deal Jackets to paperless to eliminate the need to scan each deal jacket
  • Convert Dead Deal jackets to paperless to eliminate the need to scan each deal jacket and to create a system for automatically deleting these jackets after the mandated storing period has expired. Creating paperless deal jackets also gives the sales team the ability to easily retrieve and review this information for sales follow-up.
  • Give Salespeople access to Service Drive customer data in real time as potential sales opportunities
  • Using Smart Connect to access electronic documents for updating CRM system

Finance & Insurance Process– The F&I process is very manual including the creation of over 30 documents.

  • Convert to paperless process, making it a more pleasant experience for the customer and the salesperson while automatically placing the documents into a single document pool.
  • Fully automate the process using either iPads or signature pads to capture customer signatures on appropriate documents.
  • The completed forms can be emailed directly to customer as their copy

The Repair Order (RO) Process - At most dealerships, the RO process is very paper intensive which creates a number of challenges which are addressed by DocuWare:

  • Automating the RO process
  • Tracking long service issues
  • Tracking missing documents/incomplete RO’s
  • Reducing paper consumption/storage
  • No more expensive forms/printing
  • Speeding up the cash flow cycle
  • Customers receive paperwork electronically
  • Eliminate the need for scanning RO’s. 
  • No more hard to scan ROs
  • Using tablets such as iPads) instead of paper forms
  • Approve RO’s from mobile devices.
  • Easily link customer accessory orders with AP PO’s and Invoices. 
  • Track line item inventory items using Advanced Job Router 

Accounting Process - Accounts Payable processing can be a real challenge in dealerships. Many, if not most, invoices come in via paper and are sent to one or more individuals in the accounting department for entry into their Dealer Management System.  Once entered, invoices are typically coded and sent to department managers for approval.  Quite often, approvals can be delayed awaiting approval, and the AP clerk must intervene to get them approved.  These delays can cause late fees from vendors and unnecessary stress for the AP clerk when vendors call for payment before she has received the approval. Using DocuWare, the above process is automated using electronic documents, workflow, notifications and electronic signatures. Here are a few examples…

  • Split coded invoices can be accommodated for sending them to more than one department for approvals.  For example…
  • When invoices for certain identified vendors come in, they can follow a different approval path.  An invoice can be split by % amounts and coded to the departments for approval (e.g. 20% to Sales, 20% to Repairs, etc.). Invoices are then sent to managers for approve of their % portion of the invoice. The method for splitting the invoice can be worked out between the client and the DocuWare representative, and executed using Workflow Manager or Job Router.
  • Typically, dealerships are receiving invoices from a variety of vendors, resulting in a labor-intensive manual process of determining what invoice goes to which department. DocuWare Intelligent Indexing transforms document indexing into an efficient process, helping save time and eliminating the need for filing documents by hand.
  • Converting the invoicing process to an automated process can also save time, free up personnel for more meaningful work, and save the dealership money.

DocuWare will dramatically improve the business process in your dealership, will integrate seamlessly with your chosen Dealer Management System, and will do so for a dramatically lower cost than competing solutions.


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