Create Powerful Workflows Without Programming

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Making Workflow Automation Easier

JobRouter is a full-featured, easy to use and powerful business process and workflow automation software — designed to help any size organization transform their human workflow processes into dynamic web-based process applications.

Integrate workflows with the business systems your staff use every day. Close gaps and connect processes with ERP, accounting or other business applications for a seamless, end-to-end solution. Secure data exchange reduces duplication and enforces standards.

Automate 1 Process or 100 — and model and automate your business processes in the shortest possible time. Start with a single process or automate processes across the organization. Pay only for what you use and scale up as your BPM requirements grow.

Case Studies

Visual design engine makes it easy to create processes.
Layout the map of your processes graphically by placing symbols that represent process steps and by adding business rules defined by easy to understand conditions and actions.

Stop searching for information and waiting on other people. 
With your JobRouter automated processes, you view your tasks and all the related documents and data in seconds, work on them, and then route them on — all based on business rules that you set.