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Remote Capture for Outlook

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Remote Capture for Outlook allows e-mails and attachments that are stored in Microsoft Outlook e-mail folders to be automatically imported into a DocuWare file cabinet. Folder name, subject and attachment file name can be mapped to DocuWare file cabinet index fields so that the metadata attached to the email, and the folder structure is retained and migrated with the documents.  

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Example: A company stores e-mails and attachments in Microsoft Outlook folders. Each folder name has been created to help the user file the incoming emails so that they can be easily retrieved later.  Now the company wants to import all of these emails and attachments into DocuWare.  Remote Capture for Outlook will allow the company to do a migration from Outlook to DocuWare and map the folder names, e-mail subject, and attachment filename to fields in the DocuWare file cabinet.  

Please use the links below to download the Remote Capture for Outlook Installer and Quick Start Installation Guide.

This module works with DocuWare Cloud is now available for DocuWare 6.11!  

Download Remote Capture for Outlook

Download Remote Capture for Outlook Quick Start Guide - COMING SOON


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