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Process Server

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The Process Server software module enhances the functionality of the DocuWare Integrated Document Management system.  The Process Server allows documents in a file cabinet to be converted to PDF and exported either to the file system, a secure FTP site, or to another file cabinet.  With the new Weblink Creator, the program can generate a link for the specified document and place the link in a designated field in the DocuWare file cabinet.

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Documents in the original file cabinet can be scanned images, PDF documents, JPG images, Microsoft Word or Excel documents or any other standard document type.  During the conversion and export process the new PDF documents can be stamped with sequential numbers, user defined values or metadata from fields in the original file cabinet.  In addition, documents that have been stamped with a DocuWare authenticated stamp (the stamp has a qualified or advanced electronic signature, the stamp not only ensures the integrity of the stamped document but it also allows the user to uniquely identify the person who stamped the document from a certificate) the certification data will be added to authenticated stamp properties in the new PDF document.  Prior to the export process the status of documents must be updated with a stamp, or an AutoIndex workflow.  Documents marked for export will remain.

Please use the links below to download the Installer and Quick Start Guide.

This module works with DocuWare Cloud is now available for DocuWare 6.11!  

Download Process Server

Download Process Server Quick Start Guide


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