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Savin BW Digital Multi-function

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Download the Savin Copiers Informational PDF.

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Savin Black & White Digital Multifunction systems simplify the office environment by providing a wide range of document processing options all from one location. Print, copy, fax, and scanning functions can all be handled by the same system, eliminating the need for multiple machines. Savin offers systems with a variety of features suited to the corporate department, workgroup or small business. Models range from compact units that combine copying and faxing functions to full-featured systems with high-volume duplication, printing and high definition image scanning capabilities.


Manage Documents Better with SAVIN

Consolidate document management tasks with a single system that does it all: copying, printing, scanning, faxing and finishing.


  • Use Savin’s advanced solutions to enable document capture and distribution, storage and management, or assessment and cost recovery. Create specialized, custom applications for Savin’s Embedded Software Architecture, via a Java-compatible Software Development Kit (SDK).
  • Locate Scan-to-Email addresses in seconds by searching the local e-mail database directly, via the standard Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).
  • Minimize errors for high-volume output with Sample Print. You can also use File Preview to review documents before printing if they are stored on the Document Server.
  • Keep restricted files safe with Locked Print. This feature only releases documents for output after a user enters an authorized password.
  • Reprint frequently used documents in seconds, without reprocessing files or reprogramming job settings, using Stored Print.  Maintain High Security Keep confidential documents safe at all times, across multiple workflows, with an impressive array of security features.
  • Defend documents against hard drive theft with the Data Overwrite Security System (DOSS), which erases latent image data after every job.
  • Protect data on the HDD using the HDD Encryption Option.
  • Encrypt sensitive PDFs to make sure unintended recipients can’t open them.
  • Encrypt PDF transmission to prevent unauthorized data interception.
  • Protect sensitive documents with Unauthorized Copy Control, which embeds a masking pattern that obscures copies if users attempt to duplicate originals on another system with the same capability.
  • Stop unauthorized system access with unique user authentication codes.